10 Solid Advantages of Prefab Homes

Investment, Advice and Commentaries October 3, 2017

Kenya’s housing demand is way below targets. So many citizens are either living in deplorable conditions or pumping their money into some abysmal hole called rent. And they could do anything just to own their very own houses.

How to Keep Your Business Afloat During this Electioneering Period

Investment, Advice and Commentaries September 25, 2017

Who said that electioneering period must be a bad omen for the business community? Far from it – Here are some positive ways you can adopt to keep your business afloat.

How to Grow your Business into a Gigantic Empire

Investment, Advice and Commentaries September 22, 2017

The potential to grow your business into an empire that matches or surpasses that of great business magnates such as Jeff Bezos, Anne Mulcahy, Brad Smith, Howard Schultz , Larry Page is very much within your reach!

George Wachiuri is Africa’s Best Entrepreneur – D.E.A.R Awards 2017

News and Events September 5, 2017

Trailblazing Optiven Group CEO George Wachiuri is now the Best Entrepreneur – Africa 2017 – Diaspora Entertainment Awards & Recognition (D.E.A.R) awards.

Sharpening the mind – George Wachiuri Books Selling like Hot Cake in USA

Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 15, 2017

The human mind thirsts for a good book the same way the sword yearns for a perfect grindstone, if it is to keep its edge forever as sharp.

How to start a business with Ksh 1,000

Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 3, 2017

Some say Ksh 1,000 is not enough to start any business in Kenya, but there are several businesses, which thrive in Kenya that started with such small investments. The following are businesses to start with Ksh 1,000 – Ksh 5,000 in Kenya

How To Make Business Work

Investment, Advice and Commentaries March 4, 2015

Have a written plan

  • Vision
  • Few Write ups on specific objectives of the business
  • Strategies, financing, sales plan, cash you need to get things done

Stop Carrying Emotional Baggage!!!!!

Investment, Advice and Commentaries February 2, 2015

This is how you can immediately change your life for better.

Social Media and Business

Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 24, 2014

Social Media is an interaction among people where they create, interact, share, exchange information, ideas, pictures, videos in a virtual communication and network.

Situations that successful businesses people undergo

Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 18, 2014

Doing business is not child play and one mistake can bring you down to square one. It is good to have a role model whom you study from a far and learn how they run successful business empires.

How to stay motivated

Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 5, 2014
  1. Get Rid Of The Poverty Mindset
  2. Do Not Allow Money To Motivate You
  3. Surround Yourself With Millionaires
  4. Shift Focus From Spending To Investing
  5. Work Like A Millionaire


Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 1, 2014

Importance of Giving thanks God – Optiven Devotion with Bishop Phillip Katutu

  1. When we give thanks to God we appreciate His mercy on us.
  2. Gods favor is all powerful- God needs to be thanked at all times
Investment, Advice and Commentaries September 14, 2014

How do we remain humble

Humility nurtures patience and inhibits selfishness. GOD help us to remain humble. Humility can help you develop more fully and enjoy richer relationships with other people.Humility will help you create more opportunities and you earn more respect.

Avoid living a life of competition Avoid individuality Admit that you are not the best on everything or anything Recognize your own faults- do not judge others Be greatful for what you have. Do not be greedy Do

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries September 12, 2014

How To Make Your Day Shine

Good morning my great fans, today is a great day for us. It is the first day for the rest of our lives. Make use of it to the very best. It does not matter what you have, what situations you are undergoing and where you are. You can make your day shine, you can change the environment. Read Rom 8:28.


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Investment, Advice and Commentaries September 3, 2014

Potential within you

Dear fans, have you ever analyzed within you the potential you have? Have you ever set time to think how you can harness that massive potential? Look at a few thoughts that would help you to rethink, act and be intentional on utilizing your potential;

  1. Time – how do you utilize your 24 hours that God credit to you daily. Just take a pen and a paper and write down. Take a photo with your phone and send it to my email george@georgewachiuri.com  I will look at it and advise you if you are utilizing your massive potential that God has given you. Remember that we all have 24 hours in a day.
  2. Network– do you have a database of your network, do you work with your network and how do you make the network work for you? How many people do you know well within your network? How do you behave when you meet people. I once meet a senior lady and within few seconds, She wanted business with Optiven Ltd Kenya. Also met another lady and, she was very keen to know what i do, She learn’t that we just launched our Foundation (www.optivenfoundation.org) and she was ready to be part of giving back to society. This lady told me that she was a valuer and does a good job. Out of the two whom do you trust and give business? The first lady is driven by greed and she is a hunter. The second lady is a farmer and she is likely to get more business. Please be like the second lady.

I will share more on this topic in the next post. Stay blessed! Stay motivated, keep the focus and exploit all the potential within you. You can be what you want to be in this life. You have the master key within you. You are your own pilot and you

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries August 27, 2014

Space of Generosity and Collaboration

The world is changing, the environment is volatile, opportunities are more than ever before and the World of tomorrow is for risk takers and those who want to jump to the train of Go Getters (G.G) How do you achieve that?

Share information – gone are the days when businesses had trade secrets. This is out of fashion in the 21st century. The information is all out there. All of us know the secrets to success. It’s good to share our experiences so that others don’t repeat the same mistakes that we did. I have personally started, managed and run over 15 personal businesses, i have terribly failed in many, i have done many mistakes and many times slept under stress, i have lost millions. I use my experience to advise my fans, my friends and general public. I usually share a lot in my blog www.georgewachiuri.com. It is through information sharing that we build each other. It’s a good way to caution others not to fail.

Document Milestones – many-times other people read, narrate and emphasize our life milestones when we die. In fact other people do it since we are lifeless. I challenge you to do your own memoir. Let us read about you

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries August 23, 2014

Everything You can Imagine is Real

I read this somewhere and it kept me thinking. Our brains can really imagine things, they can travel fast, sometimes mislead us. You have power to tame this, discipline your power of imagination. You can tune it with ease.

The power of Imagination;

Imagination influence outcomes If you imagine yourself succesful, for sure that will be the outcome. If you imagine that people do not like you or people hate you or you no longer access the power you used to.This will lead you to immature decisions: For instance you could find yourself resigning from your job and quickly taking up other funny jobs with inferior organisations. You may have marital problems at home or even loosing or gaining for no good reason. You may end up punishing yourself on overthinking and having no sleep.It is good to have positive imagination. Do not kill yourself. The world is very sweet to destroy yourself. Be real.

Imagination can help you create images which can be realistic When i was young, i always imagined driving a car, being a pilot and having a group of companies. These imaginations Am realizing

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