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Writing books is not easy, otherwise more and more men and women the world over would have a number of titled books under their names. For a man who started early and who is passionate about reading as well as writing, George Wachiuri released his newest book this year.

The book titled “AFTER THE PLUNGE” is the third following in the path of his first book “Soaring Like an Eagle” and his second, “Unleash your full potential”. At an event attended to the maximum, supporters and investors joined philanthropists to celebrate the milestone. With color, thanksgiving and pledges of support, the launch was a memorable event.

Speaker after speaker shared their journey with Optiven as highlighted in the book. At the end of the day it was an opportunity to once again celebrate the journey of conquest for Optiven through the eyes of the author – Mr. Wachiuri. He advised that while the story ended in victory, it was a lesson that others in the sector can learn from and grow.

The rallying call made it clear that being consistent in terms of dependability is key to survive any challenge. He called on all to strive to be good books for other people to read. Wachiuri also advised that the proceeds of sales from the books would be of benefit to Optiven’s philanthropy activities through the education pillar.

The Optiven Foundation is the soft arm of the Optiven group and is guided by four pillars, key of which is education. For the last 24 years, Optiven Group has been at the forefront in changing the lives of the less fortunate in the society.

The Optiven Foundation has through the years become a benchmark for it’s initiatives – a move that has led to the organization being recognized and bequeathed with different awards. The Foundation is supported through donations from stakeholders as well as proceeds of sales from the books written by Wachiuri, who is also the chairman and trustee.

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