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Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 18, 2019

Invest In The Future Of The African Child

A lot has changed in the society we live in and the old expectation that children are insurance for the future is quickly disappearing in the smog.  The child of today is nothing compared to those who consider themselves adults in 2019.  The race is on in life for parents to create a better future for their children and those who have caught the wave understand all too well that the compass has moved and so must our strategy as parents.

Good to Great Mentorship March 7, 2019

Optiven Business Clinic

If you are interested in starting a business, you should be aware of the kind of business you intend to start.

  • Do you need help in your getting your start-up up and running?
  • Are you experiencing challenges in your business?
  • Want to discover the solutions to business growth?

Investment, Advice and Commentaries February 11, 2019

We Give The Best To God’s Work As We Donate To KCFA

The winner of the plot donated by the Optiven Group to the Kenya Christian Fellowship of America KCFA will be receiving the best as it is located at the Garden of Joy in Koma, Machakos County. Speaking during the handover ceremony at the Optiven Group head office, Mr. George Wachiuri, the Chief Executive, noted that the donation will be part of the efforts for the KCFA to acquire a new property in the United States of America.

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