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The Global Leadership Summit for the year 2023 kicked off to a great start at the Karen branch of Christ Is The Answer Ministries. The two day event was attended by over 3000 delegates who congregated at the CITAM Karen sanctuary. As is the tradition, the delegates including students from local universities, the security forces, business community members and congregants from different denominations gathered to garner knowledge under the theme LEAD WHERE YOU ARE.

During the sessions, the delegates had opportunities to engage with top leadership minds both locally and globally. Among the speakers at the event was Mr. George Wachiuri, the CEO at Optiven Group who addressed the role of leadership based on the study of former Secretary of State in the United States of America, Ms. Condoleeza Rice.

Wachiuri advised the delegates to take on a spirited intention towards embracing their present and forgetting their past noting that, “what has passed is just an experience to shape your future and give you lessons to make you better.” Wachiuri also advised the delegates that leaders had the responsibility to lead by example while at the same time ensuring that the people they lead are able to grow and become the best versions of themselves.

He called on leaders to identify the potential of their team members and further avail the team members with opportunities for them to shine because leadership is about creating other leaders as opposed to making followers.
Optiven which is celebrating 24 years of service this year, has been a top partner of the Global Leadership Summit in Kenya since 2019.

Through providing financial support to the summit, a number of youth have also been given the opportunity to attend the summits and learn from top world leaders on the Christian path towards leadership. By supporting the Global Leadership Summit, Optiven is living out it’s purpose which is to empower communities by inspiring possibilities under the Optiven Group Foundation. Optiven has participated in the forums held at CITAM Valley Road, ELIM Church Makupa, Emmanuel Church Kericho among other forums.

Wachiuri on his part is an author on leadership and transformation, having authored three books on these subjects. His latest book, “After The Plunge” was launched in September 2023 and is the epitome on the responsibilities that lay on leaders be it individually or corporately and their obligation to stakeholders involved.

The books are part of the fundraising strategies that support the activities of the Optiven Group Foundation. The Optiven Group Foundation continues to be eyes on the community by serving across the board in the areas of education, environment, poverty eradication and health.

Speaking on the sildelines of the GLS Summit in Nairobi on 3rd November 2023, Wachiuri who is the Chairman of the Optiven Group Foundation said, “on behalf of the Optiven Group Foundation we are humbled and grateful to the delegates at the 2023 GLS Summit who came out in large numbers to buy my books, 100% proceeds of which go to support the education of children across the country”

As a foundation we are open to partner with like minded companies, organizations and individuals as we work to make a difference in the society. The needs are many so we are not able to meet them all but as Mother Teresa said if you can’t feed many people, then just feed one, and that is what transformation is all about”.

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