Learn How To Market and Close Sales Like A Pro


George Wachiuri is rated among the best in the field of sales and marketing. With a solid experience that spans over 20 years, he has propelled Optiven Group to immeasurable levels of success.  George is now all set to impart all this accumulated knowledge, skill and wisdom to young and focused people who have done a course in sales and marketing either as a certificate, diploma or degree.

The course will cover

  • A total of 26 key topics,
  • Q&A sessions and practical sessions of 3 hours per week, where the mentees will be exposed to Optiven processes plus a chance to be trained by seasoned Optiven sales and marketing professionals.

Training and Mentorship Topics

  1. Combining hard work, dedication, passion and vision.
  2. Developing networks.
  3. Selling and marketing is fun.
  4. How to overcome rejection in sales.
  5. How to generate leads.
  6. How to use social media to make your selling, marketing experience pay.
  7. How to grow in sales and marketing.
  8. How to thrive in sales and marketing.
  9. Psychology of selling.
  10. Ethical issues in sales and marketing.
  11. Local Real Estate and Landscape Knowledge.
  12. Expert Sales. Communication Skills
  13. How to manage stress.
  14. How to be on top of your peers.
  15. Familiarity with Local Real Estate Regulations.
  16. How to be extremely Successful.
  17. Generating the best out of your capacity.
  18. Client happiness skills.
  19. How to achieve best results in your career, family, relationships and in your organization.
  20. How to become a game change of your life.
  21. The art/ science of selling.
  22. How to improve people skills.
  23. Developing, Mining and Converting leads.
  24. High performance culture.
  25. Executive functioning skills – Adapt to new technologies , Time keeping, – Negotiation skills
  26. Personal Networking101 – Meeting New People and Making Personal Connections.

Course Period

This program will commence on the 1st of August 2020 and will take place for a period of six months and there will be Graduation of 500 mentees in every 6 months as others join.  The entire Mentorship process will initially take a period of three years.

Why this Program

  1. This program will help the mentees who have done sales & marketing to sharpen their skills.
  2. The Mentorship will expose mentees to be the very best in sales and marketing field as they test and discover their special gifts and talents.
  3. This will be a boost to sales & marketing career. The program aims at helping the society to perceive sales & marketing career to be at par with other equally top careers such as being a Doctor, a Lawyer or an Architect.
  4. The mentees will acquire lifelong expertise, which they can use for their careers, theirs business or when looking for a job.

Who can participate

  1. Those who can participate are the young people from Africa who have a passion for sales & marketing and are 35 years and below.
  2. One should have done a course in sales and marketing either as a certificate, diploma or degree.

Why this Target

  • This is the demography that holds the majority of people with over 35 million youth. These youth have an education but need on ground skills in order to move to the next level.  Certainly, it is a fact that the power of sales and marketing helps push organizations to the next level in terms of financial performance.

Impact to the Industry

  • The Mentorship of over 3, 000 mentees will make organizations to make more revenue, boost entrepreneurship, create more jobs and reduce crime as these youths will have tapped the best from this Top Mentor, George Wachiuri.

Impact to the Society

  • The program is aimed at creating a huge, positive impact to our society and more smiles in our families.

How the program will be executed

  • This will be done via the zoom platform. One needs to apply through: mentorship@georgewachiuri.com
  • The mentees only needs a smart phone and access to the Internet.

Why 6 months program

  • This is a sufficient period for instilling skills.
  • For a mentee to graduate, one must attend 75% of zoom classes, must close a sale in those six months and must be ready to submit all assignments in time.

What’s More

  • The best top ten mentees will join Optiven workforce.

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