Cohort 4: Classes are Ongoing

George Wachiuri School of Mentorship targets to empower entrepreneurs, startups and MSMEs to grow exponentially, to stabilize, to help them hire more people and to complete a specially designed 6 months of mentorship with the best mentor in Africa, George Wachiuri.

Essentially, the mentorship has 12 key topics to be covered by all mentees. It also allows direct interaction with George, as well as interaction with Optiven business processes. At the end of the program, these mentees have only one choice –to grow bigger and impact our society positively through job creation, pay taxes and add value to our economy. We will have started our mentorship lessons on Zoom. Join us today

GW Mentorship program Cohort 4 Topics

  1. Goal setting for assured success – M4S1
  2. How to start, maintain and run a profitable business venture – M4S2
  3. How to balance between family, work, finances, career, spiritual and health work life balance – M4S3
  4. Leadership for success – M4S4
  5. How to give back to the society – M4S5
  6. How to attract money to run business – M4S6
  7. Strategies of business – M4S7
  8. Time management and business discipline – M4S8
  9. Risk management in business – M4S9
  10. How to build a BRAND – M4S10
  11. Public speaking tips – M4S11
  12. Long term investment for better retirement – M4S12

Mentorship Classes

  • Commencement Date: February 2023
  • Condition for Graduation: Must attend more than 70% of all sessions
  • Two Fridays per month: 7am to 8am
  • Graduation Day: To be announced

Courtesy of Optiven Foundation