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The rain, the sun, the dust, the mud, the young, the old, and everything in between. The grounds at Laburra Secondary School were the venue for this mix as people from all walks of life arrived to celebrate the doctorates bequeathed to Dr. George Wachiuri. The 10th of February 2024 then made it’s entry into the books of history as a gathering of hundreds of residents descended on a little known village in Kieni, Nyeri – this time putting it on the map of remembrance for all to see.

The day begun with a structured reception of guests escorted by security to the venue where a drink and treat was the greeting before a seat was offered in the uniquely decorated tents. What followed was a cascade of entertainment from reknown music legends under the charismatic guidance from the Masters of Ceremony.

The entertainment would not have been complete without dances, songs, poetry and tributes to the man who had risen from the homes of Laburra to become a global icon. In the mix were pupils and students from different schools – many looking to tap into the fortune that had become a reality in the persona of Dr. Wachiuri.

It was the awe in their look as they occasionally requested Dr. Wachiuri to join them for a scout march where they showcased their skills and knowledge, or in the standing ovation he gave when the poetry was done and even more intriguing when he finally joined the jig in dancing to the songs of his people here in Laburra.

The little eyes of the children wondered at how everything simply turned mega in everyway – the flair, the food, the sound, the crowd, even the patronizing sound of the helicopter above just added to the palpable atmosphere that was difficult not to be a part of.

The event came weeks after Dr. Wachiuri received honorary degrees for his work in philanthropy and mentorship. Dancers and drummers hit the ground to the sound to the tunes of the beats all this to welcome Dr. Wachiuri. The old, the young, the agile, the not-so-agile, the tall, the short, and all in between were in harmony in the joy of celebration throughout the event.

The highlight of the event was the speech by Dr. Wachiuri where he shared his sojourn to becoming the icon he had become. He echoed the clarion call made in the early 1970’s by his very own father the Senior Wachiuri that “education is the key that would open doors for the future.

Dr. Wachiuri later took time to make donations to different churches and schools terming them as anchors of society and a necessity for the future generations. The crowning of it all was a cake cutting ceremony with all present savoring the flavours. As the sun set, lives had been changed, futures impacted and a rebirth of new leaders has now arisen.

Congratulations Dr. Wachiuri


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