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Stoic, is one of the few words that are used to explain or communicate the charater of someone. In rare cases, you will find the word being taunted within the academic circles to refer to unsettled and unfrizzled fellows that have excelled in academia.

As late as 180 AD, the same term was used to describe one Roman Emperor, Aurelius Antonius. Stoic he was and for purposes of this article allow me to share one of his most profound quotes on the wisdom we need to live out our full potential. For one the head of state and philosopher once said, “the opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them knows anything about the subject.”’

Indeed this knowledge in two areas, philanthropy and leadership is what the hullaballoo was all about on 7th December 2023.  Dr. Wachiuri was bequeathed through the

  • Breakthrough International Bible University which granted the PhD in Philanthropy
  • Logos International Bible University, he was bequeathed with the PhD in Leadership. 

The developments which are historical in nature showcased rarity of occurrence following the back to back awarding of the honors – both within a week in December. And the milestone was not without celebration where the climax was a unique dinner held at the Nairobi Serena Hotel, on 7th December 2023, the graduation day of LIBU Cohort 2023.

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