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I sit in my office, my thoughts lingering with nostalgia at the journey that life and I have travelled. From the village of Laburra in Kieni to the numerous cities I have travelled all because life gave me that opportunity. But also because a group of academic influencers and stakeholders in December 2023 found it worthy to honor me with two doctorates for the work I have done in empowering others and mainly those living in less fortunate situations.

This fete is something I cannot fail to thank the concerned universities for and of course the men and women who have been part of my academic journey, right from Laburra Primary School where it all begun to the halls of different universities where I have spoken, taught at or learnt across the years.

My journey to become Dr. George Wachiuri started decades ago with a dream and a can do attitude that indicates my resolve to push through. This is the picture at the back of my mind as I take home the PhD degree to the grassroot levels mine is to inspire the people of Laburra to dream big.

I trust that by hosting the community including the many youth that are beneficiaries of the Soaring Eagles Scholarship Programme SESP under the Optiven Foundation, this will be a new beginning for the young ladies and gentlemen to believe that they can become anything they set their minds to. As I always say, it is possible it is doable.

Among the people that I invited is my Primary School teacher and my comrades from my high school days at Chinga Boys. This connection in celebration is meant to cement the journey of the prayers I made by the River Honi to the lives I have impacted over the years through the journey of Optiven as a company.

It is a nostalgic time for me if you have read my book Soaring Like An Eagle and I trust that through this move, the impact will not only stay but catalyse the minds of those present to look beyond their circumstances to be better in life. With a grateful heart, may all of us prosper to become better for a bright future.

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