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The global vision for the fight against climate change will be worn if stakeholders appreciate and embrace the role of biodiversity in fighting the status quo. The world celebrates the international day for biodiversity and this year the theme is “From Agreement to Action : Build Back Biodiversity”. Kenya’s Ministry of Environment through the Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya celebrated the day with activities at the UNEP Corner in Nairobi’s City Park.

The international day for biodiversity is the top environment event that follows the global and historic Conference of Parties Meeting (COP15). It is during the COP15 that the Kunming-Montreal Global Diversity Framework was signed and adapted. It is a multilateral agreement aimed at achieving the global vision of a sustainable existence between humans and nature with a target of the year 2050.

But why is the biodiversity observation key to sustainability?

It is within our power to change our actions to help ensure the survival of species of the ecological systems. Over the years human activities have caused rapid degradation of the environment. The result is ecosystem changes and massive loss of biodiversity including fragmentation, habitat loss, unsustainable resource use, pollution and global climate change.

The situation is a result of underlying causes key of with are a growing human population, scarcity of basic resources and over consumption.

With the challenges facing the world the reality is that nature is declining and with this decline, all of us are affected. Ahead of the International Day for Biodiversity and the International Day for the Bee, Optiven Foundation Chairman George Wachiuri, led investors at Achievers Paradise in Kimuka Ngong on a massive tree planting.

The event was held on 20th May 2023 during which hundreds of trees were planted on the project that was launched this year by Optiven. The event provided an excellent platform for advocacy under the GoGreen Initiative by Optiven that also saw Ann Nyaga, the Head of the Optiven Foundation sharing on the environment pillar.

Speaking at the event, Wachiuri noted that the future of mankind depends on what they do to restore the environment now. He pointed out the developments that have arisen under the GoGreen Initiative adding that Optiven through it’s real estate arm has been intentional about encouraging investors at Optiven real estate to be intentional on embracing a green lifestyle.

He said that through the projects team, Optiven has shared a comprehensive environment charter and kickstarted the journey towards sustainability by growing trees, working on storm water systems and encouraging water tapping from roofs.

Towards better biodiversity, Wachiuri called on Corporate Kenya to adhere to the outcomes of COP15 which seeks out companies to analyse and report how their operations affect and are affected by biodiversity issues. His sentiments come as one of the major outcomes of the COP15 was to have companies being subject to requirements to make disclosures regarding their operations, supply chains and portfolio.

George Wachiuri  is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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