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The term decarbonization literally means the reduction of carbon. In other words this is the conversion to an economic system that sustainably reduces and compensates the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in the atmosphere.

A comprehensive decarbonization focuses on ways companies can become more efficient over time to reduce emissions. For example, a retail distributor investing in electrification, efficiency, and renewable energy across all warehouses could reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and overall emissions.

I will share three ways to reduce the greenhouse gases:-

  1. Let’s be ready to pay the price – Green energy may not be the cheapest in the short term but it’s better in the long term.
  2. We all must be aware on the effect of greenhouse gases and take personal responsibility regardless how small the act is including switching off lights and living in a house with natural lighting
  3. We need to be involved in advocacy to improve understanding of the emissions – We have 50 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases todate. According to “HOW TO AVOID A CLIMATE CHANGE DISASTER ” by Bill Gates,

These are the major greenhouse gas emitters

  1. Making cement, steel, plastics 29%
  2. Pluging in electricity 26%
  3. Growing things..plants, animals 22%
  4. Planes, trucks, cargo ships etc 16%
  5. Keeping warm..heating, cooling, refrigeration 7%

Locally there are many initiatives aimed at making our planet a better place. The GoGreen Initiatives is just one of them. Take a peek at what we are doing and join other likeminded people to make our planet better.

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