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Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 28, 2019

7 Pointers Towards Thinking For Change

It is said that, ‘you are a product of what your thought yesterday’.  This is because thinking changes your destiny.  According to John Maxwell, ‘Everything begins with a thought’.  If you change your thinking, adapting a positive mindset, then the future will be changed too.  After all, life is what you think about the whole day.  How then do we achieve thinking for change?

Investment, Advice and Commentaries August 4, 2019

Rebuilding Of Schools – A Role For Alumni

As I bid good bye to the month of July, I am aware of the challenges that the month of August brings to many families. On the most part, a number of parents are looking forward to taking sometime to spend with their children. Some who are blessed will be taking time off to go on holiday while those with deep roots in the village, may well be planning a time to engage with the farm and while at it, teach their children one or two things about growing up.

Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 23, 2019

Mentorship can change the lives of graduates

My friends and I are mulling over the phenomenon of lack of jobs that is fast making some achieving graduates to desperate measures in order to survive. What comes to mind in the interim is the sad case of the trending feature on CITIZEN dubbed First Class Betrayal. This is the story line of a real life experience of one young man who graduated top of his class in actuarial science but was not able to get gainful employment.

Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 19, 2019

Is it okay to buy land with a charge?

Here is the big question: Is it okay to buy land with a charge? Or in other words, is it okay to buy land that has been purchased by a developer through a bank loan? It is highly likely that the portion of land or the plot of land that you are about to purchase from any of the well-established land developers in Kenya is funded by a financier.

Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 18, 2019

Invest In The Future Of The African Child

A lot has changed in the society we live in and the old expectation that children are insurance for the future is quickly disappearing in the smog.  The child of today is nothing compared to those who consider themselves adults in 2019.  The race is on in life for parents to create a better future for their children and those who have caught the wave understand all too well that the compass has moved and so must our strategy as parents.

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