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Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 12, 2018

SMEs are continuous goals

Portuguese footballer Christiano Ronaldo is many things to many people.  For majority of footballers he is literally goals… because he has the second-most international goals scored (85) among men’s association football players.  When we talk about his worth, it is not everyday that anyone earns 21 million Euros in a year which is approximately 2,457,000,000 Kenya shillings.

Investment, Advice and Commentaries October 11, 2017

How to be the Silver Lining in the Cloud of Political Uncertainties

Kenya is currently facing a moment of political uncertainty. And there is a lot of negative energy all over the place. But let us face it; every cloud has a silver lining. And there is indeed a silver lining in this whole situation, if only we committed to become the positive influence that there can be around our circles. Here are 5 ways how you can cope with this current state of affairs:

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