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We are living in a world that is full of challenges, a world where many people are increasingly caring less about each other’s plight. A world that can easily cause you to habour self-doubt, which may highly hamper your growth and trajectory towards success.

In my numerous mentorship sessions, the issue of self-doubt has frequently been popping up, which has prompted me to come up with some top causes of self-doubt as well as top remedies to help anyone overcome this enemy of your progress.

Five top causes of self-doubt

1. Past experiences

We all have gone through past experiences and some of these experiences have defined us. Your past could have involved a broken relationship, poor upbringing, some unexplainable hatred from people that you otherwise cared about, growing in a family that is somehow timid.

You need  to know that the past is gone and focus on the future. Forge ahead. I went through one of the toughest upbringing. But I learnt to focus forward. Read the first book that I authored called soaring like an Eagle for you to know my very poor background. This book, captures the struggles that I went through to get to where I am today and it has inspired many Kenyans within the country and in Diaspora

2. Societal influence

The society can easily convince you that you are not good enough, especially if you keep tuning in to all negative talks that are said about you. This may heighten the self-doubt in your system and make you lose confidence.

3. Comparing yourself with others

The game of comparison is not always the best. The best game is when you compete with yourself and make a superstar out of yourself.  This unfair benchmarking can lead to low self-esteem and self-doubt.

4. A new challenge in your life

Sometimes we fear to pick up new responsibilities, new positions or even new businesses. We doubt our capabilities and we miss the possible opportunities. One time, I always dreamt of owning a home but I did not know how. I owned my first house in Nairobi after my second year after the university. Today, I have a passion to help thousands of people to own homes.

Many times over, through Optiven Real Estate, we go an extra mile to offer two years repayment plan, giving the best deals for our customers. We are always also giving hot deals to our valued customers, and through our financial partners, we offer them an opportunity not only to buy land and clear the closing cost but also to easily manage to construct their dream homes.

5. Fear of failure/Fear of success

This is a major cause of negative self-doubt. Humans are always cautious of what they don’t know as well as fear to be seen as a failure.

How do we overcome self-doubt?

1. Always Focus on the Positive side of things:*

Change your language to ‘I can’. ‘I am able’. Remember your happy days. Look for energy boosting activities, for example by visiting such awesome places like GMC Fun Place.

2. Relax

Allow a moment to clear your mind. Look at things from a new perspective. Get a positive company that loves fun

3. Learn Ask for Help

Get reassurance from others. Do not shy away from getting a mentor. Follow the instructions that they give and which can boost your capacities.

4. Link up with energy Boosters such as George Wachiuri

Listen to his YouTube Channel and read his Blog.

5. Read the Bible /Pray

The Bible will always encourage you to realize your worth, as a special being who has been fashioned off God’s very own image and likeness. Thus, reading the Bible and connecting with the source of live, God Himself, through prayers will make you realize your true worth.

6. Love yourself

Your self-worth will always emanate from within you. Love yourself and the environment around you will follow queue. It all begins and ends with you and how you value and love yourself and your capacities.

7. Know what you can control and what you cannot

There are things that you are able to control in your life. Nevertheless, there are things that you cannot be able to control in your life, such as your genes and your physical features. Learn to take what you can’t change positively, for there is always a positive side to anything, provided you start looking at it from a different viewpoint.

8. Believe in yourself

You are the first ambassador and salesperson of your life. Once you have believed in yourself, you will be able to easily convince others to believe in you and in what you do. And of course self-doubt does not exist within someone who believes in themselves. Learn more from my article on how to build your self-confidence

9. Dress to impress

A wise person once said; “Take care of your costumes and your confidence will take care of itself.” When you are always dressed smart, you ego is also at the right level. A smartly dressed person has already kicked away a good percentage of self-doubt.

10. Talk to yourself positively:

Who do you see every time you face yourself on the mirror? And more importantly, what do you tell yourself every time you have a chance to face yourself? Always learn to whisper affirmation words and statements to yourself. Statements like: “I am the best that there is.” “I am a great person.” “I am made for success.” It will further boost your self-confidence and kick away any element of self-doubt.

Thoughts by

George Wachiuri: A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group

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