The 100% proceeds of this books go to charity under the umbrella of Optiven Foundation

George Wachiuri is the founder and CEO of Optiven Limited, one of Kenya’s top real estate companies. With a number of impressive awards to his belt, however, he has not escaped the vagaries of a rogue market, where deviousness, threats, corporate espionage, blogger bullying, and the social-economic transformation of Kenya. In AFTER THE PLUGE, George goes deep down to reveal the strategic steps he took to keep Optiven Limited from total collapse after the economy was scammed of millions of shillings.

On the sunny afternoon Brother Ben, a born-again Christian, breezed into George’s office at the Barclays Plaza with a tantalizing proposal for partnership with greenhouse company that was the talk of town, he could have never guessed that he was playing host to a man who visited to set up complex scam web that would soon engulf Optiven Limited In scandal and leave in its wake hundreds of stranded workers, uncared for widows and dejected orphans.

A year of stress and depression would soon follow as dismayed customers sought legal relief and bloggers hounded the company with outrageous claims of collusion to defraud esteemed customers.