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The third cohort at the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship is set to start their classes this month.   Classes for the mentorship programme will begin on 5th November 2021 where all attendees will be required to be present and participate at least 70% of the time of their engagement.

Hundreds of mentees have already graduated from the online school that focuses primarily on the development of business people and entrepreneurs to learn from experiences of successful business people.   The program is a part of the Optiven Foundation mentorship programme that targets empowerment of business owners as part of the pillars on poverty eradication, education and environment.

This program will help the mentees who have done sales & marketing to sharpen their skills.  The Mentorship will expose mentees to be the very best in sales and marketing field as they test and discover their special gifts and talents.  This will be a boost to sales & marketing career.

The program aims at helping the society to perceive sales & marketing career to be at par with other equally top careers such as being a Doctor, a Lawyer or an Architect.  The mentees will acquire lifelong expertise, which they can use for their careers, theirs business or when looking for a job.

One needs to apply through:

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