1. Always treat time with care and please do not waste it whatsover – Time is a more valuable than Gold or even money. Do not forget this, plan for it and do not be an open book to do just what comes on your way
  2. Do not just work! Work like a Pro – Work smart and win. Always avoid doing work to fill in your day. Ensure you evaluate what you do at the end of the day. Work for results and be a result based performance person.
  3. If you are in business, employ experts to do the job – Avoid doing assignments that you can easily delegate to your staff. As a business owner, avoid employing people that you cannot fire. They will be a pain in your company. (This is a full topic of another day)
  4. Have a workable system in your business – The system should run even if you are not there. Have good policies and structured. Do not ignore good governance at all times