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Hatua Project is an initiative by the Fellowship Of Christian Unions (FOCUS), which aims at building Students Training and Development Facilities in order to help raise responsible citizens and value-based, transformational servant Leaders for a better Kenya.

The first phase of this project will involve reconstruction of the current Student Centre in Kasarani and acquisition of land in 5 Regions in the following towns; Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Eldoret.

For me, here are the some 7 compeling reasons why giving to positive causes is a fulfilling undertaking:

1. Giving is basically building a relationship with God

2. Giving is actually taking back to the owner. We are only but custodians of what God has given us

3. Giving is a confirmation that we are good stewards.

4. Giving is simply planting. Those who plant are better than those who harvest

5. There is a certain unexplained joy that comes with Giving – You can only experience it when you give from the heart

6. It is a command to give to God’s work

7. We leave a positive legacy by Giving to God’s work. Just like Nehemiah, we have a Duty to keep building.

Why do I support the Hatua project – Here are my 5 Reasons

1. It’s ministry. We are all missionaries and we are called to stretch out hands to noble causes

2. Hatua Project will shape the future leaders in our society. I support better leadership

3. I belive in transformation and Hatua Project is all about generational transformation

4. It’s my personal desire to shape the future. This aligns well with my personal vision of a better world

5. I belive in propelling the Gospel of Jesus Christ

For more information about the Hatua Project, please visit this website:

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