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What you do when you kick out that blanket in the morning will determine how your day will be, how your life will be and will shape your success

  1. Silence – wake up and sit quietly, calm and peacefully. Breath deeply. Say a prayer of gratitude and appreciate your day. When you are in silence, you develop the sense of purpose, clarity and direction for the day. Two or three minutes are sufficient on this process.
  2. Affirmations – read or replay of your self talk. Decree and declare that “I am a millionare” read your goals, declare positive statements in your life. Remember the power of life is in our confessions. We are what we say we are. If you confess that life is difficulty, it will be so.
  3. Visualisation – close your eyes and create the visions, images of your life. See that car that you want to drive one day. That house, that spouse and whatever you dream to have. Dream it and you will have it one day. You need to read my book to believe it “Soaring Like an Eagle”
  4. Exercise – stand up and move your body.This will help the flow of blood, improve your hear rate and generate energy within you. You will remain focused and happy the whole day.
  5. Reading – helps you remain current. You need to upgrade your memory.
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