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Optiven Ltd Is Top 100 Award Winner 2014/15.

It is important to take success carefully and moderately to avoid chest thumping and thinking that you are the best. Success means more responsibility to serve, more accountability and greater stewardship

Here are some tips

  1. Thank God – always thank God for His favour. He has given you life, energy, many friends and relatives to make your life better. We at Optiven Ltd thank God.
  2. Be a Servant – This was my feeling yesterday when Optiven Ltd was declared No. 1 among the Medium Size companies in Kenya 2014/15 awards. I did not see myself great nor did u see excitement by i saw more responsibility to serve, to offer more jobs to Kenyans, to give Optiven L Kenya customers better service, to support government by paying taxes and the big challenge of thinking even bigger. We are all stewards with talents that we must account for. Make use of that talent to serve. We all have unique talents.
  3. Remember your failures – it is dangerous to forget where you came from. The success of today should not blind you not to plan for tomorrow.Remember those many mistakes you have done in the past. That was my feeling when they declared Optiven Ltd as Industry Champion in real estate in Kenya. I remembered “many things” when i was seated on that seat that many desire to sit on.
  4. Thank people – remember your success is a combination of many people. You have your staff, your customers, your family and any other person who contributed. When we got the Award, i did not see it as my success but i saw it as a team success, i saw my God, Staff, customers, friends and my customers support. It’s very humbling indeed. I CONGRATULATE ALL THESE TEAMS- THE TWO AWARDS BELONG TO THEM
  5. Never assume that success is permanent – always plan for success and maximize the networks created. Network is Networth. Guard those networks. It was humbling to receive advise from trailbrazers after an award ceremony. CEO Nation media, CEO DTB, Cabinet secretary, Industrialuzation and many more. I really feel very small and humbled.
  6. Avoid overpromising – moderate what you can do and what you cannot do. One good challenge i encounter include very many Kenyans who seek mentorship. I may not be able to meet all but i always create forums where i share what God had given me. I also do alot group investments advise. If you do not give out, if i dont give out, God who is a talent owner can pick it and give to someone else. We do nobodys’ favour by sharing what God had given us.
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