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I am utterly amazed by the uptake of the Eurobond. As as Nation we were looking for 170 billion and the wealthy people in Europe and other countries are willing to loan us at an interest of 6 to 7 per cent per year a whooping 702 billion. This is a record in the whole of Africas history.

To my fans what does this mean in simple language

  1. We have too much money out there for people to lend in low interest. Imagine 6 per cent when my company Optiven Ltd borrows at 19 to 20 per cent.
  2. Investors have seen opportunities in Kenya and they have a lot of confidence. They are able to see long term. They do not see mpeketoni or terror attacks as these are just speed bumps at the moment. I learnt this from Vimal Shah . A good lesson to my fans. ..Do not miss any investment opportunities because of the current situations or happenings. All these are coming to pass and Kenya will exist millions of years to come. Learn from foreign investors and also plan to invest. If you had planned to buy a value added plot log in and buy one. Refuse to be myopic.
  3. KENYA is strategic investment destination despite the security situation


  4. Foreign investors have got faith in our currency. Just two days ago, EU gave Kenya 52 billion for infrastructure. They were actually in statehouse. Thanks you for the currently recruited advisors to the president. Let us maintain our old friends as we get new friends from East. Remember old is Gold
  5. Citigroup, standard chartered gave government ksh 52 billion of which will be paid back once we get Eurobond money. That means that companies like Optiven limited will have funds to borrow and maybe at a lower rate. Interest goes high when government borrows locally. I urge my fans to be ready for lower interest rates.
  6. Kenya has high standing in the international financial markets

Let us all be ready to seize massive opportunities in Kenya.

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