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Creativity – try something new and do not copy others. This will make you different and unique and hence ability to compete well in the market place. When thinking of a business to engage in, explore options and do a thorough evaluation. Have a list of your dream businesses, shortlist the top five and come up with one that align with your passion and zeal. It is good to settle on a business venture that you can do even if you are not paid for it


Resourcefulness – as you start business,you have to be ready and willing to find solutions and also be ready to deal with difficulty situations. I remember that time when I was starting my business and I had to negotiate a deal with my neighbour for me to use his landlines phone. In those days you had to have a fix line to be pre- qualified for supply orders. Life was not like today when we have mobile phones. I also remember very well sharing an office with a partner who was not good in keeping time. I was opening my business the time the office owners arrives. I was under her mercy at all times.On such occasions you need to be ready and willing to think outside the box

Flexibility – as you plan to start business, be ready to adapt to changes, make quick decisions and do not be rigid. I have a friend who started a shylock business and customers could come to negotiate funding with him. He was too rigid and he was not able to change his decisions on pricing of his products. 6 months later he closed down and he remain jobless till today. That is what lack of agility in business can do.

Hardwork – business is not for dolfins. You need to work very hard. When I was starting my real estate business at Optiven Limi Ted, I was the messenger, sales person, marketer, accountant and operations officer. I was working upto 3 a.m. I had no choice but to do it. This is key for that business that you dream to start. You must be available at the start.

Turn your dreams into business –  I am sure you have that dream business in your mind. Put it on paper today. Actualize it and do not procrastinate. I value as my fan

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