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As an author and an avid reader I derive great satisfaction in learning from every day experiences.  However, nothing prepares my knowledge box from receiving new information than in reading books – the old school texts in different writings.

I look forward to becoming a better man and perhaps step up to the likes of my mentors John Maxwell and Wale Akinyemi who are themselves accomplished writers in different aspects of leadership.  In my bid to encourage more and more people to read, I have heard the statement where is the time to read? over and over again.

While we live in a society that is in a rat race – ever chasing after the green buck, it is the pioneers that have already made the multi-billion mark that continue to read and with it improve their education.  Education because as we understand it, it is the transfer of knowledge.

An expanded definition from a key source of understanding which is the Oxford Dictionary indicates that it is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.  I however prefer the second definition still from the Oxford dictionary that explains it in a way that I can education as “an enlightening experience.  With enlightment I have come to find that there comes a transformation or at its basic observation – change.

The truth is the place of education can be enhanced greatly once we adapt a reading culture.  While the current schools of thought in our education system look at the aspect of teaching for academic results.  The school of life however embraces knowledge exchange and how this knowledge can change lives.  It is this perspective on education that may have advised the thoughts of reknown educator and philosopher Paulo Freire.

According to Freire, whose most influential writings are recorded in his book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, he advised that the transfer of knowledge away from personal education through reading is more or less like banking – where the educator makes deposits of knowledge to the learner.  However in reading, I have found that where one applies the knowledge of whatever it is they are reading, then the result is a vivid transformation.

The more one reads the more one is likely to learn and with such learning, education becomes not only practical but for some, even addictive such that their wealth of knowledge is largely expanded.  This reminds me of the Bible verse in Proverbs 23 verse 12 which says apply your heart to instruction and your ear to words of knowledge.  This perhaps should be the mantra for every mentor that in the process of sharing knowledge, remember to advise others to also read for themselves.

It is in reading that we become educated to new things.  It is also in reading that we acquire new knowledge.  And reading has it’s benefits as a key education function in the society.  Being able to read is one of the most important basic skills that a person can learn today. In fact, reading is crucial to being able to relate to and take part in society. It is required for reading traffic signs, medical instructions, and news stories.

Additionally, accessing information online or in books and magazines helps keep people educated and informed about the world around them. The human brain needs constant development and reading is just the activity to help. Reading helps people create a more active imagination and leads to higher levels of creativity as well.

Today and always,  I encourage the people important to me to take time to improve their reading and further educate themselves in different aspects – regardless of how old or young they are.  And as the world celebrates the International Day for Education, remember, the more you read, the more you learn, the more you lead!

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