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Urban October 2017 is a 30 days window of opportunity for the entire World to reflect upon pertinent issues regarding urbanization. This dispensation of time was officially set off during the World Habitat Day officially celebrated at the UN-Habitat’s host city, Nairobi, and replicated in global cities around the world.

With the theme “Housing Policies: Affordable Homes”, this day was marked with a series of events including Urban Breakfasts in Nairobi and Geneva exploring the importance of affordable housing. There is no better time for various nations to focus on localizing the New Urban Agenda, a road map that was design to help us achieve sustainable urban development.

Here at Optiven, we believe that this is the time to loop in everyone who cares about affordable housing for all, especially here in Kenya. We believe that the provision of affordable housing isn’t just the prerogative of the Government of the day, but a concerted effort whose spirit should be embraced by the private sector as well.

In his official statement for the day, UN Under-secretary-general and also the UN-Habitat Executive Director, Dr Joan Clos noted that ensuring housing affordability is a complex issue of strategic importance for development, social peace and equality.

 Optiven’s commitment to offer affordable housing solutions resonates with Clos’ appeal that there is an urgent need to address the housing needs in our local situations, especially for citizens who may not afford high-end homes as well as the most vulnerable in our society, particularly our women, youth and those who live in slums. This is a matter that must be of priority not only on the global development agenda but in Africa and by extension, in Kenya as well.

Indeed, urbanization and housing in particular has a far reaching impact than its core scope. As we seek to promote sound housing policies, we also by extension contribute positively towards extenuations that counter climate change, resilience, mobility and energy consumption.

October then is a singular month of exploring and promoting urban challenges and solutions and a time for all partners and stakeholders across board to come together and contribute ideas and messages that are geared towards promoting inclusiveness, safety, resilience and sustainability of all our cities.

George Wachiuri is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker and the CEO, Optiven Group. To get more details on how you can invest with Optiven Ltd. Kindly talk to us via: Mobile:  +254 702 831 083 , +254 738 831 083, Email; or Website:


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