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  1. Online sales – use Google trader, Amazon. Com, olx etc
  2.  Independent sales person – distribute products on behalf, partner with manufactures or sell for commission
  3. Independent driver – be a driver for hire. Package yourself as top notch chauffeur and charge a premium.
  4. Car sales – use people’s money to facilitate imports, Sell on behalf or act as a link between the buyer and the seller
  5. Land agent – be a genuine agent and you will have an edge. Be known as the only honest broker in your are
  6. Computer expert – installing softwares, repaires and cleaning.


  7. Website consultant – be the best website designer, give online support, help clients on goggle analytics and charge a fee
  8. Tutoring – look at youth counselling, proposal writing, business plans, Cv writing, marriage counsellor etc
  9. Professional blogger– make your blog so good that people will be looking for you to post their adverts. If you have one get in touch and I will post Optiven Limi Ted limited banner ..Haa! Business right here.
  10. Real estate agent
  11. Bulk sms marketing
  12. Cleaning services
  13. Coaching
  14. Wedding planner
  15. Events planner
  16. Organising parties
  17. Grass cutting services
  18. Land scaping services
  19. Media agent
  20. Home delivery services
  21. Child care center
  22. Parenting courses
  23. Men enough courses
  24. Errands services
  25. Swimming pool cleaning service
  26. Swimming skills trainer
  27. Mobile library
  28. Develop a dating platform
  29. Etc (if you are my fan, plesse add five more businesses on your comments)


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