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The world today celebrates the Global Authors Day!  The 1st of October is especially significant to authors like myself and many others who look out the window and bring out great ideas on paper for minds to be inspired.

In my entrepreneurial journey, I have had an opportunity to learn from other great authors including international leadership guru John Maxwell whom I had the pleasure of meeting personally in the course of this year.  The other author that I have been mentored by and to whom I look upto, is Dr. Wale Akinyemi.

Although it has been said that not everyone can write, I often believe that those called to this wonderful art should intensify their craft and write even more.  To the young authors that I have managed to mentor often have one major challenge – time!  But when looking at the fore runners among top authors like Dr. Akinyemi I have challenged myself time and again to create time for writing.

He is a business strategist, an inspirational speaker and leading columnist with a local newspaper – and yes he has made the time to author a number of books including the reputable Power Talks series as well as Mental Independence ; Creative Thinking for Phenomenally Effective People and one of my favourites the Billionair Within.  Dr. Akinyemi has also partnered with the Optiven Foundation by giving out a number of his books to be sold to the public and the funds generated given back to society.

As the Chairman of the Optiven Foundation, I remain grateful to Dr. Akinyemi as well as all the other great authors who have donated books to help the less fortunate in our society. In my authoring journey, I have also found that I garner a number of insights from reading from others.  Majority of the people in Kenya for example are not good readers because the culture for books has been watered down to be a tool to gauge knowledge.

It does not help the situation in areas where even libraries are unheard of and where available, the populations in that area seldom have the time to visit the libraries.  The newer generations, are even the less fortunate in my opinion for not having the exposure necessary from their parents, guardians or mentors with regards to reading.

In an age where technology masks the living-on-the-edge lifestyle, more and more people are abhorring their books and instead running to different apps to get information on the various issues facing them.  I have found that majority of the books have a lot of wisdom that advises us on the challenges facing us on a day to day basis.

In the case of the book by Dr. Akinyemi titled The Billionaire Within, I find it true one of the quotes that he mentions which is “The hunger for where you are must be greater than the comfort zone of where you are”.  The same is also true for the challenge to read for in there lies the springs of wisdom.  From the reviews I have received for my first book ‘Soaring Like an Eagle’ published in 2014, I have learnt that no one needs to go through someone else’s experience in order to learn.

For those who have read my books, I have in the 19th chapter talked largely about great men whom I had read about…. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg among others.  In the marveling stories of this great men, I have found that the secret is in finding what you love, pursuing it and doing it more and more which makes you better and better.  I personally intend to write at least 44  books by the time I leave this life and if my learning experience from reading is anything to go by, then my hope is indeed filled.

You too can be a good writer – with some passion and practice you can do it!  To all the authors out there, a Happy Authors Day to you!

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