Time is the scaciest resource on Earth and maybe in Heaven. It’s very important and critical to manage it extremely well. It is highly perishable. It’s worse than ripe tomatoes, once a day is over, it’s over for ever and ever. It is not reversable even if the queens daughter comes down to Africa. Secrets to use it for success and what i call efficient personal time management includes:


  1. Have personal goals – Write them down, carry them with you. Classify them as social, family, business, career etc. If you have no written goals, sorry you are destined for a serious challenges. Rise up and have your goals today!
  2. Have To Do List on daily basis – Write them a night or day before. Activities done earlier are somehow recorded in your subconcious mind. This will make it easier when you are executing them. Do not allow your diary to be plain like most of you including you. List things to do for the day, articulate them well and in very good hand writing. Refuse to be carefree, careless and visionless whereby you do what comes by who ever and whetever time. This is dangerous in your only life. You do not have any other life. Please organize your life. Be a better person! You can do better! Start TODAY!
  3. Prioritize the activities for the day –  You need to know what is important and urgent. A report to your boss is urgent and important. It is very good to know what is urgent. Do not spend your precious time doing trivial many.
  4. Delegate –  If you are a career person or a business person like many of us , and for instance you earn 1000 shillings per hour, Do not waste your time polishing shoes, washing your car, washing your clothes. You can get these services with Less than 50 shillings per hour.
  5. Balance your life – Ensure that you create time for your family. Spend time with your children. At Optiven L Kenya we developed a culture of closing the office at 6pm latest. This gives our people enough time to be home with their families.To join the team…see the current openings on our careers page – http://www.optiven.co.ke/about-us/careers
  6. Meetings –  Ensure that meetings have got agendas. 70% of time is usually wasted on meetings.
  7. Key result areas (KRA) –  Know why you are on payroll, what are you employed to do. Always avoid usual gossip, walking aimlessly to other staff work stations. The bottom line. Know why you are in that organization. If you perform dismally, you will go home alone. Be yourself and spend your time very wisely.

This article is created as result free thinking and from usual management practice at Optiven. A company that one day will be listed on Forbes. The credit will go to our clients and all Optiven staff.