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The current you may be struggling right now. You could be currently doing badly in your career or your business or your family life; even maybe going through a depression, but despite your current situation, the true can still emerge. This may take some time and a little effort, but you will surely arise; like a huge volcanic mountain, and everyone will be astounded by your majestic prominence.

Here are some three sure strategies that you must adopt to in order to realize the True You:

1. Change your Attitude
Be intentional towards acquiring the desired positive attitude. A positive attitude will transform your thinking, how you handle your emotions, your habit, your behavior, your character and finally your legacy. Indeed, every human being has a responsibility to leave a positive legacy on earth. As a wise person once said, always keep your face toward the sunshine, and shadows will constantly fall behind you.

2. Adopt an Abundance Mentality
This is a belief that the world has enough resources for everyone. The fact that your friends have more resources than you today does not means you will not acquire yours too. These resources could be money, assets, real estate, good family, porch cars, beautiful wife, bright children etc.

This mentality helps you to focus without stress, worry, jealousy or anxiety. Try living this abundance mentality today and see how it works. A person who lived with abundance mentality is not worried or disturbed by the competition around. This is because the most important competition that they have is the one with self. It will help you to make yourself a better person, a better organization, a better family. This is ultimately, the True You.

3. Take a Discovery Trip to Know Yourself
Many individuals are yet to discover themselves. Do an audit of your life and write your strengths, your capacity, and your abilities. Deliberately make this self-awareness trip, probing the entire length of your aptitude.

This self-awareness will help you discover the true gold hidden in you. Consequently, this gold will catapult you to the highest level in life. This may take time but it will surely come. If you read my book – Soaring like an Eagle – you will see when I discovered myself after failing over 15 times in business. This book will certainly change your life for good.

Try making use of these three strategies and your life will have a positive about-turn.

Thoughts by George Wachiuri

A leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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