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This is how you can immediately change your life for better.

1. Forgive yourself – just drop or forget all those sins you ever committed in your past life. Start a fresh today and change your future. Yesterday is gone and today is the only day you have. Remember yesterday is a canceled cheque, today is real cash and tomorrow is promissory notes. Please do not kill yourself with stress.

2. Uplift your self-image -the gap between you and your dream is that POOR SELF IMAGE you have on yourself. Confront life and face it. Iron out those things that bring you down. Prophesy great things to yourself. Turn those scars into stars and that bitter life to a better life. By the way “Huna maisha ingine” “Kwa nini ujistress “

3. Make the best of the life – look at the mirror and smile. Life is like a mirror, you smile at life and life will smile back. In life you attract what you are. If you are a thorn, people will run away from you. If you are positive person, you become a people’s magnet. Life is as simple as that. Try it today

4. Always be happy –happiness is not HAVING WHAT YOU WANT but rather it’s WANTING WHAT YOU HAVE period! Always count your blessings. There will be always be a person better than you. Stop that the habit of always comparing yourself unfavorably. Remember even a forest have got short and tall trees. Just decide to be happy. Spend your time checking Optiven L Kenya, blog and see life and business issues.

5. Motivate yourself –This principle works for me. Say sweet things to yourself. Love what you do. Love your size, height, way you express yourself. Do not immitate. You are original and not a copy. Just be yourself. When God created, he was happy and you are God’s best

6. Make sure that you are a superstar – remember when you were conceived, you came from a super-sperm, why do you make yourself second class citizen. You are meant to be the best ever born. Stop being lazy, stop those self defeating talks, stop looking down on yourself. Be a champion today!!

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