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Covid-19 pandemic has brought the whole world into a situation that was unprecedented and has never been experienced by anyone during our lifetime. Experts say that the cycle could take about more than another 8 weeks to overcome and we trust God that it will end at least earlier than that.

The fact is we are in it and we can only discover more about ourselves, our God, and our families as we cope with this temporal season.  As we remain vigilant and take extra caution to avoid being infected, below are three things that you and I can do during this season. These three things will change your life for the better and forever:

1. Discover/find your purpose in life

This Period gives us ample time to reflect, look at relationships with God, family, careers, employer & business. It is a time for us to realize that our lives are life short, we are limited and the world can suddenly become very small. It is time to love our country. It is now clear that each of us can only stay where we are regardless of the wealth that we possess.

It is time to plan, think, reflect as we globally recover from the Covid-19 effect. What do love or would you love to do for free? Something whose motivation for you to do it is not the money you get from it but the impact you make. Remember that none of us can do everything. Get what you are best at.

This is the time people’s passion is seen in the open. Some work out of passion while others for end month pay. Employers are having time to watch those who have passion. Entrepreneurs are also thoroughly tested too. Why are you in business?

It is time to recheck your motives, what are you very good? Do one thing and do it extremely well. It is common knowledge that you cannot do everything, even the most Quoted Richard Branson has only 400 companies out of a possible million companies.

Just find what you are wired to do on earth. Find your niche today. Let that niche be towards adding value to the universe. Ask yourself today, what am I here for? Who am I? How is my future going to be? Am I in the right career? Make a decision today as you work from home. Remember you will be in the office soon.

This article at Huffpost will help you  in a great way  in discovering your purpose 

2. Establish your spiritual foundation

This is the time to check your relationship with your maker. I was happy to see Ben Carson lead prayers in Washington last week, I saw the Prime Minister of Italy stating that the help of Italy will only be from the skies, I presumed he meant from God. Our own head of State, President Uhuru Kenyatta, recently lead us in National prayers.

King Solomon who is known as the Wisest King who ever walked on this earth talked of Vanity of Vanities if you are not right with God. The plague we are experiencing now is one out of Pharaoh’s ten terrible plagues in Egypt. It could be worse but God has preserved us.

My basic call to all of us is to set a good base with God. I am personally going through the whole Bible to understand Him more. Spending more time in prayer and fasting. This is doing great to me and you too can try it.

3. Reflect on the good side of the current crisis

We are in a world where negative information sells. Today, negative information comes fast and furious. You and I must make a choice to pick the good, see the good, take the good, watch the good and share the good. It is time to change the narrative that “No human is limited” to “Human is limited” and that indeed, it is only God who is not limited.

Take time to narrate the good side of the crisis, give preference to others, keep peace. Just check the great things you can do. I am personally able to do more blogs to encourage those who are not able to see beyond this very short crisis.

I wish you safety, peace of mind and just know that this is coming to an end. Remember, China was there and they are now back to their daily activities with negligible infections. Lift your eyes and see the Horizon. Prepare for the Vision that you perceive, beyond this current temporary situation.

Thoughts by

George Wachiuri: A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group

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