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The world is changing, the environment is volatile, opportunities are more than ever before and the World of tomorrow is for risk takers and those who want to jump to the train of Go Getters (G.G) How do you achieve that?

  1. Share information – gone are the days when businesses had trade secrets. This is out of fashion in the 21st century. The information is all out there. All of us know the secrets to success. It’s good to share our experiences so that others don’t repeat the same mistakes that we did. I have personally started, managed and run over 15 personal businesses, i have terribly failed in many, i have done many mistakes and many times slept under stress, i have lost millions. I use my experience to advise my fans, my friends and general public. I usually share a lot in my blog It is through information sharing that we build each other. It’s a good way to caution others not to fail.


  2. Document Milestones – many-times other people read, narrate and emphasize our life milestones when we die. In fact other people do it since we are lifeless. I challenge you to do your own memoir. Let us read about you, learn from you and get inspired. I have done it and you need to read my memoir ” Soaring Like an Eagle” a book whose 100% revenue is dedicated to charity . You can read it online or call us to deliver it to you at a small consideration . Check our help line on
  3. Offer Help – the world is facing a lot of challenges and all those challenges have got solutions. The solution is with you and me. One of the main challenge i face since i started my online mentor ship is hundreds of request for jobs. I always thought, how can these job seekers be job makers. It’s possible, you only need to change your mindset and be a regular visitor to my blog . I am convinced that we can change our environment and not the environment changing us. Can we start with you?
  4. Let your trade secrets out –  I personally share with everyone on how our company is setting pace in Africa. We also post 80% information about Optiven L Kenya on our website . We also share our success secrets in forums, meetings, one on one. This is what i call ABUNDANCE MENTALITY -we have more than enough opportunities out there than they are people. We would like to have 1 million other companies like “Optiven” so that we can offer millions of Jobs to our people, we can pay more taxes to our Government and we can provide decent accommodation to millions of Africans.We are the people to DO IT

I wish all my fans a successful day. Remember to aspire to be “Optiven’s Ambassador“. The contest is getting very interesting and you know the secret. Like, comment, share and tell as many people as possible about OPTIVEN- prefered real estate firm where we walk the and empower our customers to own their own properties

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