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  1. Get people who inspire you
  2. Get those friends who think big, behave big, walk big,attempt big things and have great confidence.
  3. Have mentors that challenges you, follow them on Facebook, blogs, read their books, study their behaviours and learn from them.
  4. Have a few individuals connectors that have got or have access to economic capital, social capital that you can confidently tap
  5. Identify eagles that will teach you how to fly. Behave like them, dine with them, attend their forums,seminars that they are key note speakers etc

I remember when i was in class seven and i was performing dismally in my rural school. I was not worried as most of my friends were those that were number five and below from the bottom of the class list. I had no mentor other that those friends and i had no clue about the future. One day i saw my brother who did very well in class and he joined form one.The joining of form one came with goodies such as new trouser, new shoes and nice metal box.

This package changed my life for good. I started waking up early to read for my exams, behaving like him, walking like him and a year later my life had changed from bottom two to top two. From then I learnt a lesson of the power of associating with powerful people of which I practice even today. A good challenge to you today! Remember that you are an average of your best five friends. It may be vital for you to change your friends, your chama, your investment group or even your church if you are of opinion that they are dragging you down.

Get your right association and keep moving your life forward to be the next millionaire

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