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Do not spend money, invest it.

Our company Optiven Limited was buying a property in machakos from an elderly lady. Looking at her you could not tell for sure if she was the owner. She was a simple lady carrying a simple kikuyu bag “kiondo” I decided to ask her how she acquired the 50 acre property. She smiled and told me a very inspiring story. To cut the long storyn short, she had bought that property in 1983 and kept if for that long. What we paid her was at 4000 per cent more.

The growth on investment was great and amazing. She also told me that her friend bought a car which has seriously depreciated today. Her friend is retiring in poverty and for her is a payback for a very wise investment decision. She us a millionaire from that single deal.  We can learn a lesson from that old lady. It’s good to invest than spending.


This remind me of many talks I deliver to the youths, young professionals and business owners on investment. I have seen many logging in to our site and getting focus to invest. Do not be left out. Invest and retire happier

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