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Good morning fans, In Life it is very important to answer these questions,

Who am i ?
You are not just a moving body, you are energetic being created with full potential of making things happen. You have what it takes, you are wired full of possibilities, we are simply more than our bodies. Home work  – Define who you are today- post it online.

What do i need right now?
It is simple, you beed to be “happy and healthy” . The rest of the needs come to fill in the gap of life. Thank God for your good health.

What meaning do i draw from life experiences?
Many times we focus on experience instead of lessons. Let us focus on lessons at all times, the experince may be painful say losing a friend, failing exams, being fired from a job etc. We need to focus on lessons which will activate our curiosity, awareness, compassion and resilience. When we discover ourselves, things will open up, we shall experience our full potential, opportunities, our great purpose in life will be evident.

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