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When you think about the time, think as you act because it is not just moving fast but it is almost like an effervescent tablet. Welcome to the tail end of the first half of the year 2022 and now we are facing the second half squarely this July.

It is during this month that we as the Optiven family were able to launch an exciting campaign for our customers during which investors did not only walk away with transformed properties, but also with brand new coffee makers to celebrate their investments.

It is in June that we have also seen an increased interest for participation and engagement in the #OptivenDanceChallenge which was launched in May 2022 and where the top three performances are to be rewarded with land in Nanyuki, Naromoru and Konza respectively. Through the month of the June, we are happy to have upscaled our various value additions across the projects.

This is part of our promise to our customers on the different levels of their investments as well as the value additions per project depending on the star level that our customers choose to invest in. Projects such as Happy Gardens in Kitengela received a brand new gate which was completed in June.

The month of June was also an opportunity to celebrate our customers during the get together held at Celebration Gardens in Kitengela as well as at the Garden of Joy in Koma. But the icing on the cake also came in the form of celebration of Father’s Day which was on 19th June 2022. I found it special because society seldom recognizes the role of fathers.

The celebration got me thinking about legacy and what it means to leave a legacy that is worthwhile for posterity. Many of us are yet to look at the different opportunities available and decide distinctly where one should focus on in terms of investments.

It is therefore not a wonder that the many resolutions we may have had at the beginning of the year are yet to be met but worse is for those of us who just wrote down the resolutions and did not take the step to actualize them through embracing the action step.

In my training at the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship, I have been consistent in calling on all to ensure that their decision making skills is above board. The power to make a decision is the power that propels us from the idea stage to the action stage and finally to the achievement stage.

With the current reality of inflation, investors who made decisions to invest in our projects for example Victory Gardens in Kitengela, are reaping the benefits of their investments. As our properties value additions get completed, the advantage of the earlier investor means they are able to save in terms of acquisition costs.

This reflection is what has been on my mind during celebrations marking Fathers Day this year. The big question for me has been what kind of a legacy should a father leave considering that the decisions they make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly affect their families from generation to generation? What legacy are you as an individual leaving every day as you live and work for your future?

In a nutshell am confident that the Fathers – both actual and aspiring – will make tangible decisions this third quarter. My hope is that these decisions will be a catapult for the Fathers and a soothing encouragement for their families, in realizing that the legacy the fathers are working on is one worthy to be associated with in posterity. Happy second half of 2022.

George Wachiuri  is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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