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I take this opportunity to wish all mothers around the world, a Happy Mother’s Day. A majority of us will unfortunately be celebrating it without our mothers, many of whom remain cornerstone in our lives. I can’t hesitate to reinforce the key role played by Mothers the world over.

From bringing us into this world, nurturing us from nothing to the human being we grow up to be, to teaching us how to speak in a language we can express ourselves, to even basic manners of why it is important to wear clothes. These examples cannot even begin to describe the power of a Mother in the life of a child. Suffice to say it but there would be no humanity without mothers. Hongera kina Mama.

I am also well aware of a special category of mothers who find themselves single for one reason or another, but are still required to take up the dual role of father and mother. My own mother, whom as you may be aware, went to be with the Lord last year is a classic example.

Despite being widowed young, she managed to raise my siblings single handedly. And in my time as a real estate entrepreneur, I have encountered mothers Keen to give their children a better future. There are testimonies of young men and women who are now land owners courtesy of their mothers.

Together with my team at Optiven Limited, we have had successful campaigns targeted at the youth. Our research has found that when such campaigns are on offer, it’s the mothers who act first to ensure their children don’t miss out on good investment opportunities like value added properties.

I have also seen mothers take the steering wheel when it comes to financial solutions. Optiven Limited which has partnered with Equity Bank, Ncba, KNads and Kuds to empower their children. From my observation I have seen a significant number of mothers accompanying and advising their children of the best options available.

We have walked the journey with numerous mothers up until the time we hand over the title deeds. As I celebrate the galant mothers, I am especially pleased by one of our customers who took advantage of our spectacular campaigns to get her child a plot. This is special because I have rarely encountered title deed owners aged three years and as Optiven Limited, I believe we hold the award for the youngest title deed holder in Kenya.

Mine is just a special appreciation to all mothers today and commend each one for being amazing. Happy Mother’s Day from myself and the team at Optiven Group.

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George Wachiuri: A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group

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