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Success on investment maybe as a result of that goal that you have set particulary on investments. It could be a purchase of a plot, build a house, shares, bonds, bigger savings etc. How do you maintain that goal in 2017?

  1. Trust in God to guide you through 2017, partner with God – Pay your tithes and offering and God will open doors for you.
  2. Focus on investment goal – This means that you are able to direct your energies to what you planned to do. No friend can divert your thoughts on your target investments. If you have no focus, your vision is blurred and you will follow other peoples vision.
  3. Have self discipline –  For you to maintain success on investments, it requires sacrifices on your time, friends, diet, etc. You have to lead yourself and do what you planned to do. If you planned to purchase a value added plot with Optiven L Kenya for instance Victory Garderns -Kitengela and say build a house in 3 years , please do it.
  4. Motivate yourself when you fail – No one will motivate you. You better have those self talk. Go to the mirrow and declare great things on your life “I am great” “I will make it” ” etc
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