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The Optiven Group celebrates it’s Platinum or China anniversary this year, after serving stakeholders in the Real Estate sector for the last 20 years.  The company’s growth has been pegged on a number of values – coupled with our purpose which has been to socially and economically transform our staff, customers and other stakeholders.  This, the Optiven Group has done through the provision of state of the art products and services.

Over the years, we have continued to build on our experiences by sharing our knowledge with stakeholders.  The group Chief Executive Mr. George Wachiuri, has taken the lead in information sharing through authoring his experiences in his first book, ‘Soaring like an Eagle’ published in 2014 and his second master piece ‘Unleash your Full Potential’ published in 2015.

This is addition to empowerment platforms that Mr. Wachiuri has held with the aim of empowering future entrepreneurs, those from disadvantaged backgrounds and being a force for transformation under the Optiven Foundation.  Wachiuri says, ‘self improvement through learning should be a continuous goal for everyone and a habit that must be encouraged.

The journey to this status has been largely due to an intentional decision to impart knowledge to all concerned. The Optiven Group, has a goal of providing employment opportunities to some 30,000 people by the year 2030.  Of those already on board, the company provides training opportunities on a continuous basis.  In the last decade, the Optiven Group has continued to improve it’s presence in the digital space.

The team has also invested in it’s technology infrastructure meaning that the skills of the digital team further enhance the performance of the company to ensure efficiency.  For those who have engaged with the Optiven Group and it’s Strategic Business Units, it does not come as a surprise that such engagements are indeed technologically savvy.  According to Mr. Wachiuri, ‘the continuous use of technology in it’s operations, systems and engagements with stakeholders, is what enables the Optiven Group to meet customer needs.’

He adds that the place of literacy is the key that will enable businesses to grow.  The company has been feted both locally and internationally for it’s role in the use of technology mainly as regards customer engagement, from feedback to other key communication.  And it is now looking to further engage in improving it’s systems to better efficacy of operations with the goal of meeting it’s targets and pace setting in the Real Estate industry.

All this then comes in the frame as the world celebrates the International Literacy Day on 8th September 2018.  The global celebration is a reminder to stakeholders and indeed the general public to consider the status of the literacy and learning, mainly for adults, locally, regionally and globally.  The observation of the day under the leadership of UNESCO, provides insights to propel literacy as a right for all to an education.

Under the 2015 Sustainable Development goals adopted by the United Nations, stakeholders must then improve literacy if efforts to eradicate poverty and bridge the inequality gap globally is to be achieved.  This year, the celebrations are special because they come with awards recognizing excellence and innovation under the 2018 theme, Literacy and Skills Development.

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