I urge all my fans to practice something today;

  1. Make yourself useful to others
  2. Refuse to share hate messages even if temptations come to do pushes you – Count ten times before you do it. Choose to share encouraging messages today
  3. Have an abundance mentality – There are opportunities for every one in the World. Don’t just think about Kenya, think globally. Having your friend, your brother, your Kenyans mate doing well does not deter you from doing even better. Remember there is joy in diversity. Life could be very boring if we were all looking the same, talking the same language, belonging to the same religion etc. Decide to accommodate each other.
  4. Enhance the power of your thoughts –  Read something encouraging or positive today. Associate with positive people. Avoid demeaning discussions that can reduce your creativity.
  5. Maintain positive mental attitude today


I sincerely wish all my fans blessed Monday 7/7/2014. If you read this article drop a positive message and I will share it with others. You are all special and wonderfully created. I value you. For Investments please visit www.optiven.co.ke