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Our just concluded visit to Raleigh, North Carolina was a game-changer for Optiven Group and to me as a person. This is a city that is entwined as a sister city with 5 other major world metropolises including Nairobi City. The city has very beautiful parks and North Carolina is classified as the most forested state.

I had a time to meet the Mayor of Raleigh, Madam Nancy McFarlane, and one thing I learnt is how they go about their renewable energy and particularly how they manage solid waste. Raleigh is able to generate gas from waste. This took me to the Amani Ridge the place of Peace mini city in Kiambu/Ruiru/Thika. What I learnt will certainly be implemented in this ongoing development.

Raleigh community is very friendly and Kenyans here are equally hardworking and much focused at what they do. We noticed one thing with all the Kenyans that are working here; they are engaged in creating a positive change. We had a chance to share a table with one of the richest Kenyan in the USA.

Amongst his many other possessions, he owns a private jet. It was very humbling to meet several Kenyan professors, many scholars, various entrepreneurs, media personalities and many more professionals in various fields, who are successfully running their trade in different USA states.

We always learn something new every time we travel.

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