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Optiven Group CEO, Mr George Wachiuri has requested the Government of Kenya to look into better ways of properly engaging the Kenyans in Diaspora, including considering giving them representation in the National Assembly.

Speaking at the recent Kenya Diaspora Homecoming Convention held in Nairobi, Optiven Group CEO Mr. George Wachiuri noted that this constituency of Kenyans was too big and important to be ignored, making an appeal for the Kenyan Government to look into how it can have a proper engagement with them.

We have over 3 million Kenyans in Diaspora and we must collectively look into ways of making life easier for them. We need to think on how we can give them either a representation in Parliament or in government parastatals so that their issues can be heard and expedited in a better way,” said Mr. Wachiuri.

He also noted that Kenyans in Diaspora have challenges when it comes to remittances. “We need to rethink on how we can support them, maybe by reducing the transfer cost so that the diaspora remittances can be enhanced,” he noted.

The CEO observed that Optiven has been at the forefront of championing for the well being of Kenyans living abroad and has been actively involved in inspiring them, hosting mentorship programs especially for the youthful ones and also absorbing some of them to be part of the Nairobi based organization.

“On the other hand, we are always and hand to receive Diaspora returnees and we are currently engaged in partnerships with some of these returnees in terms of business ventures mentorship and guidance for the betterment of our society,” he noted.

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