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I am glad to confirm to you that you were well designed for success and for massive accomplishment in your life. You are specifically engineered for great success, yes, I mean it . Inside you is full of seeds of greatness. Wah! My advise for today;

My advise for today;

  1. Plan your time – do not allow nature or circumstances to control you. Be in charge of yourself. Be the real you.
  2. Acquire new knowledge today – research on something that you always desired. Read something new, for instance read vision 2030 document, roles and responsibilities of National Lands commission, autobiography of your mentor, enroll to a book library etc
  3. Budget for your money – Do not just spend aimlessly. Have a budget for your money. Do not buy things that you do not need or maybe you will never use. Do not go for that movie or night dance that you had not planned for. Let your friends know that you stand on your principles. Always have a portion to give to community.


  4. Keep your eyes open on new opportunities in life – You may be wanting to get married, get business ideas, get new friends that inspires you. seize these opportunities when they occur. For instance, I encourage all my fans to attend flamboyant dinner on 8th August 2014 at Hilton Hotel , this will have your eyes opened, your thoughts transformed.
  5. Harness the potential within you –  You have a great mind. You have energy. You have what it takes to make great impact on earth. Impact in your village, in your place of work .In your investment group and even in your local church.
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