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  1. Trust in God – as you pursue your achievement, put God first. Let him be your confidant, ask , seek, knock the door and He will open. Be a God fearing person. Nothing is impossible with God. Do not limit God
  2. Do not give up – refuse to give up in the middle. When you fail, fail forward. Winners never quit and quiters never win.Success is a battle and you must fight. It calls for serious strategies, team work, personal energy and no mediocrity at all.
  3. Do Your drills – do not wait for others to do it for you. If you are in business, let your team know your vision. Lead the team and be a good example. If your are employee, go an extra mile of reporting early, giving accurate reports,etc
  4. Passion – Pursue your investment success, family success, education etc with passion. Passion means more that enthusiam. You are ready to work for free. Passion drives you to the next level.
  5. Self discipline – Success calls for self discipline, wake up early, exercise to ensure your body is fit. Choose your friends well and do not allow your friends to choose you. Be the CEO to yourself
  6. Creativity – the environment is changing fast, innovation and creativity are enevitable if one dream of great success
  7. Network – network is networth. Always carry your business cards, have a database on your friends and people you know. You are as good as your network. Never write off anyone in your life. Take people very seriously and never ignore anyone including a caretaker in your home.
  8. Be events lover, forums, clubs, – this is where you make people know what you do and what you can offer. Look for those forums, join professional bodies, saccos, investments groups etc.
  9. Social media, in todays world, ignore social media at your own risk – Personally i use it to encourage, to educate, post jobs, my foundation work, book sell “soaring line an Eagle”to tell people what we do, to change society, you tube, twitter, fb, instagram, website, etc…
  10. Remain motivated – motivate yourself. Have great selftalk, love what you do, what you are, how you look. The past is gone and you have the future of which you can shape. For me i have 56 years remaining on earth. With Gods help you can plan for that time.
  11. Fly with eagles – i said earlier, have mentors, role models and people who can correct you when you are offline. Avoid company of chickens as you will be like them. Associate with people who do not fear success, people who are ready to take risk and move on.
  12. Self confidence, self esteem – God created you special. Do not settle for less. God for the best. Have that millionnaire mindset, God for the goal
  13. Abudance Mentality – God created resources for every one. Refuse to have scarcity mentality. Have the millionnaire mindset. Forget about competition and offer services that touches peoples hearts and not hands
  14. Focus – keep eyes on the ball. Forget about others and focus on scoring the goal. Focus breaks walls, burn metal and build business empire. Do not do everything as you will be very shallow and achieve minimal results
  15. Be ready to pay the price – you must sacrifice your time, friends, diet, take risks, etc.
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