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  1. Stop comparing yourself- remember that we are all different. – Yes you were classmates, workmates, twins or even brothers but you are unique. You are different. Stop discouraging yourself by comparing yourself with others. Just learn from each other. If you find that George Wachiuri Authored a book or He is creating jobs to Kenyans, make efforts to learn from Him and not considering yourself worthless because you have not reached there.  Who knows, your time is coming very soon. A story is told of a renowned entrepreneur who started a bank when he was 47 years old. The bank is one of the fastest growing banks in Kenya today. I encourage you that it’s never too late. You can do it. Wake up today, think, put down your thoughts and implement them.
  2. Respect yourself- accept yourself, your looks, your smile, your walking style – You are the president, the c.e.o. and the boss to youself. Order your system to respect the real you. If you only respect yourself, others will automatically respect you. A story is told of a certain medical doctor who always dressed like a house assistant (what people call house Helps). Every time she went for a function,people were asking if for sure she was a real doctor. This kind of attitude and dressing mode was as result of low self esteem. Wake up, dress up, look smart both mentally and physically and you will see your star rise tremendously.
  3. Make a choice to feel good – Step out and make good choices. Do not allow your friends to make choices for you. Do not take any advise that you came across. Think before making certain key choices. Remember choices have got consequences. Those fans that are not married and are searching for future husbands need to make a good choice. I also recommend that they read a wonderful book called “Sexual Error” by Pastor Oloo. You read this book and your life will make a positive and different great turn. Promise me that you will read it before you accept that boyfriend or girlfriend that you treasure.
  4. Keep a journal – always write good things about yourself. Have quotes that gives you motivation say “I am a winner” “I am the best worker, best entrepreneur, It’s possible” etc
  5. Pick a hobby that will make you feel good.
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