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Sometimes we slow down because we are comfortable with a certain behavior or lifestyle. We only know that we are capable of more by testing our capabilities and receiving a different set of results. But how can you know you are on the slow lane?

    1. Drop the Bumps: On the slow lane we experience a number of distractions which I term as the bumps. Majority of the distractions are actually the end result of deep seated habits that are often negative.
    2. Shun Mediocrity: One of the things about mediocrity is that it breeds something extra. Mediocrity apart from setting you back on what you would have achieved also comes with low energy and laziness
    3. Leave your Comfort Zone: Being in a place of comfort often breeds an aura of complacency. It is in th comfort zone that we cease to think, adapt normalcy and begin to copy what others are doing instead of being innovative.
    4. Mark your Achievements: When looking for an achievement to celebrate and you have none, it means you are achieving nothing. It also means that you are on the slow lane.
    5. Sense of Relevance: The lack of relevance is one of the leading reasons why people become depressed and some end up being suicidal. It is in this state that one feels that what they do is not useful.
    6. Boot the Boredom: Being bored and having low motivation means one does not have the high energy needed to accomplish a task
    7. Speaking Life: The things you speak about what you want often come to pass. The first step will require you to avoid defeating language that discourages and instead speak up inspiration.
    8. Be Involved: The brain is one muscle that works best when in use. Continue in your quest to be innovative that way you are involved. Don’t be stagnant that you fail to add value in what you do.
    9. Despising who you are: Looking down on yourself is a sure way to go down the road of no return. Here is a space where you are often looking down on who you are and what you can achieve in the process.

So how can one move then from the slow lane to a fast one?

    1. Thrive in the Blue Ocean – Once you identify an opportunity, grasp it and run with it. While there are a number of risks, hard work is inevitable so delve into the deep and be your best.
    2. Be Motivated and Energised – You are always in a position of advantage when you are motivated and energized. However to do this look for solutions to problems and find that thing that motivates you then do it as you continuously motivate yourself.
    3. Consult, ask and Seek help – Under fatigue and operating from a lack of knowledge are among the reasons why you don’t accomplish tasks. Therefore be ready to consult, ask for help and seek clarification in case you are not sure about something.
    4. Create a Conducive Environment – The environment in which you operate determines the outcome of what you do. Because you know what you need to enable you be the best you can be, it is your responsibility to create the appropriate environment.
    5. Be Prepared Always – When opportunities present themselves, remember you need to have been preparing for the opportunity ahead of time. That way when the opportunity presents itself, you take it up
    6. Value Yourself – By placing value on who you are, you are able to share that value with others
    7. Be Dependable – Try to complete your assignments in good time. When you have to be reminded, it means you are not dependable.
    8. Be Reliable – To be reliable is to take full responsibility of your actions whether they be positive or negative. In all instances remember to give feedback.

George Wachiuri  is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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