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  1. Word of mouth – this is a very effective strategy as enjoy telling people what you do. It’s very important that in your 60 seconds introduction of yourself, mention what you do and tell people why they should give you business. Remember people do not buy products or services, they buy benefits. Do not sell hand bags sell lifestyles, Do not sell plots but sell investments. Just be creative and package what you are selling
  2. What’s up it – the technology has made marketing easier and faster. Just what’s up your business proposition,relax and wait for enquiries. Send your friends a link on what you have. Encourage your contacts to share with more friends.
  3. Use social media – Post your offer on linkdn, Facebook, Twitter and many other avenues. Be ready to answer both good and bad comments. Please, if you do not like some comments arising from your posting, do not delete them but answer in a polite manner. From my own experience at Optiven L Kenya, those challenging clients are the best to convert. Clients that are tough on you are actually the best to convert.
  4. Tell it to public – talk about it in your church, when you attend chamas, investments groups, when in college and in any other function. I remember when I was doing my masters degree in the university of Nairobi, this was the the same period that I had just started a car sale business. I made sure that I was always next to strangers in every lesson.Why? by the time the professor was through with the lecture, i ensured that i knew at least five people on my four sides and they knew where to get cars at competitive rate. You can do the same in the bus, Train or in the aeroplane. Take advantage and market. How will they know if you do not tell them.
  5. Direct Email – craft a good message that you will send to your potential client. Be wise to select a good headline, good words and send it in the best time on the day. Morning messages are better. Avoid doing such emails on Monday. I would recommend Midweek or Fridays when potential clients are relaxed. Ensure that salutation are correct and to the right person. On your email call for action for instance at Optiven Limited we do it this way…”Blessed Gardens is a limited offer” call us on 0716-605410 or Log in .
  6. Cold calls – This is calling of prospects and introducing yourself, your product/services and the company. When calling, you must be very warm and enthusiastic, avoid sounding “cold “otherwise your get cold response. Maybe that is why the calls are called cold calls. Please note that when calling, you need to mention your name, the company you are representing and reason for calling. You must be very clear and to the point. People have no time to waste with you. You must be very smart in your phone presentation.
  7. Advertising–  this is telling people what you have, the benefits that you are offering and making the loudest noise to create attention. How will they know if you do not tell them. Stand on top and tell them, post on the trees and create attention. Remember we are looking at using minimal amount to advertise so handwritten signages, felt pen written posters will come in very handy
  8. Referrals – We are living in the world of Mistrust and a referral will make your business transaction very easy. Create a buzz around your business, be known for something. It could be customers service, they way you answer the phone or your quick response. Be helpful even if the client is not buying your product or service. The same client may refer business to you just because of the way your treated him or her. A Story is told of a client who sent 50 bob to the wrong number and he was at pain to get his funds back. He called the number and a lady picked. The lady voice was soo good and she handed the man very well while returning the hard earned cash. The Man’s brother heard about the story from his brother and he wanted to know more about that warm lady who returned the cash. What followed was a good referrals of a good voice and honest lady and to cut the long story short, the two are now married with three children and living a happy and fulfilling marriage. Moral of the story, do not ignore the power of referral and have something unique to offer for you to be referred.
  9. Finally if you fear to start a business on your own, join an investment group and you can do soo much. I have seen these groups made up of career or business people who have been investing in real estate big time. If you are in such group check out what is available for you to do. Just this morning I was looking at Nation Newspaper page 27 and I saw land available in blocks of 1 to 5 acres being sold by greenpot Ltd ( Why can’t you join and invest. Do not be individualistic if you want to progress. Have a smiling day.
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