Who said that electioneering period must be a bad omen for the business community? Far from it – Here are some positive ways you can adopt to keep your business afloat.

  1. Keep your business doors open: Keep going on with your business. Your overheads will not be placed on ice, just because there is an election going on. You must keep going. Your positive approach will have a ripple effect on many other businesses. Be the positive trend setter.
  1. Do not align your business brand with any political party or activism: Political parties and politicians will come and go. Your business, though, will last way longer. More importantly, chances are your clients come from either side of the political divide.
  1. Avoid any social Media Posts that may be associated with political activism: Do not be tempted into the highly charged – mostly negative – political debate on social media. Even a simple Retweet may be taken as an endorsement. By all means, your business image must not be misconstrued. Remember, internet never forgets.
  1. Take the elections break to strategize on the future of your business: After you are done with your voting obligation, take this precious time and map out your business’ future. You probably won’t find any other spare time to retreat and strategize for the remainder of this year, take advantage and work on ways to end your year on a high. While at it, spare a fraction of your time to spend with your family, this might just as well give you the kick that you may need to take your business to the next level.

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