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  1. Dress nicely– you need to look good. Ensure that you feel good before you leave the house. Always affirm yourself and you will see the difference in your inner self confidence
  2. Have a good hygiene – take care of personal appearance. For gentleman it may be necessary to visit your barber on weekly basis. Our sisters need to up the game as usual. They understand what I mean. Do your best to spoil yourself and feel good. Go to the mirror and assure yourself that you are looking good for the day. Those who are married needs to look good even if they are in the kitchen. Do not assume that you only need to be smart at workplace or when going to church. Make it a way of life. Practice this ang you will see the power of attraction in your life. You will be like honey attracting bees. Be the honey to attract more friends, attract business, clients and people who matter in your life. By tge wau I can tell more about you by just looking at your photo on FB, twitter, linkdn, etc.
  3. Good posture – practice good posture, stand up straight, keep your head up, make eye contact during conversations. Refuse to walk like jellyfish. Put that energy in you to boost self esteem. Always be alert as you walk in town. Understand your surrounding. Make horizontal eye view, this help you to see all the faces around you. Just study how CID behaves, behave like them if not better.
  4. Work out regularly– this will help you keep your shape, working out leads you body to release the hormones of happiness. Work out gives you positive attitude and boost your self esteem. Make it a habit by sparing 30 minutes exercise. Try it and you will see a big different, if you don’t see that difference, call me for a heavy breakfast.
  5. Give back to others –  It’s good to think about others. Do not just think ME ME ME .It’s very fulfilling to think about others. Volunteer somewhere, educate a poor kind, visit the old, visit your parents. Attending to others in Itself a therapy. Try it and give me feedback
  6. Complement other people – Do not be selfish. Praise other people when they do something extraordinary. Send them happy birthday wish and others good wishes on key dates in life.
  7. Speak up – if you have a chance to speak , do not swallow your words. Many people loose opportunities because they shy off. Speak it your way. Do not worry about your mother tongue supremacy. Talk the way you feel better. Do not fake the pronunciation. Be proud like French people , they speak French English. Do not allow your English affect your self esteem. Speak they way you feel it.
  8. Walk faster – people with high self esteem walk faster, walk quickly as they have no time to waste. They have places to go. Avoid walking aimlessly with no focus. Put up some good walking style. Walk as is you are the president of Republic of Kenya. Kwani?

Waah! It was a long one today.  Think investment and log in

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