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Days come and go at a faster rate than we expect. The year is also running fast like the rivers of the Aberdare Range. If you do not act now on your assignment, you may never do it and you automatically attract mediocrity in your precious life.  Let me share with you here, what has so far worked for me. You can also try it:

1. Trusting in God:
It is very refreshing to ask God to guide you on whatever you do in this life that He has given us. Read his word and pray every day.

2. Hard work and Focus:
Nothing comes easy, wake up early and practice 20:20:30:30 rule of life for your success. Pray for 20 Minutes; Plan and write your plans in 20 Minutes; Read a book for 30 Minutes and exercise for 30 Minutes. Try it and you will be very successful.

3. Acting on your Vision
A vision without action remains futile and it’s just day dreaming. Just Do It!

4. Start small and Keep Doing it
It is about incremental gains and we keep learning. Do one thing and do it so well. If you are a welder, be the best welder in the entire continent.

5. Learning from Failure and Not Giving Up
It is called failing forward. A child must fall severely for him or her to walk in confidence. Have a solution-based mentality all the time. Be optimistic and uphold gratitude at all time.

6. Helping others and more so the Less Fortunate in our Society
This is a golden key to your success. Just try it. If it fails, pick your money back here!

7. Respecting Everyone and Remaining a (Humble) Servant
This is extremely important. Once you make it a lifestyle, you become a magnet and a star. Everyone wants to be associated with you. Always remain humble though. It works!

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