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In a marathon, it is common to see a runner starting out slowly and keeping the pace at the beginning of the race. However, as the race progresses, the runner gains momentum and begins to run faster as the final laps become more apparent. The new energy is evident in the speed acceleration and with it, comes the win.

As the year comes to an end, December 2020 provides a great opportunity to finish strong, in an excellent manner and in a victorious fashion. How is it that one can finish strong?

Over time, prayer is one of the modes that works in our situations. It is the accelerator necessary for us to achieve our goals and vision. The Bible, which is the word of God has many contexts in which prayer has been answered by different people. For example in the gospels of both Luke 11: 9 and Matthew 7:8 it is clear that all one needs to do is ask. Additionally, it is important to also confess in a positive way that you will achieve what you have set out to do as part of the journey towards finishing strong.

Audit your attitude. A positive attitude gives you power over your results. This is because attitude as well a ability are both important for your success. A peculiar part of attitude is that people hear your words but they feel your attitude. As a result it becomes then inevitable to recheck one’s attitude by applying the following guidelines

a. Exercise – This is medicine for positivity.
b. Sleep –  Because our bodies are systems they need to recharge by getting enough rest through sleep.
c. Optimism –  It is the engine that enables one to embrace the philosophy that things will get better.
d. Philanthropy – Through giving, we not only create better communities, but we also enjoy making a change in the world we live in.
e. Innovation – Try something new and celebrate the winning outcome of succeeding in a new way.

Are you checking what you see? What is it that you actually see? Check that you see the opportunity in the face of adversity. Consider the sea, and those living by its waters…. Some see it for the seashells, others for it’s seafood yet others for the water that serves them. You can choose to see the opportunity, then go ahead, and grasp it! It is said that your life is a reflection of what you see, and you get what you are not what you want.

Like an eagle do not quit or hide in the face of adversity and challenge. While everyone has a history, how you face your challenges is a clear indication of how those challenges shape you. To face your challenges, you can choose to

a. Be different
b. Learn from others
c. Think opposite of the obvious

Are you willing are you wheeling? If you are willing, then you will be deliberate and embrace the JUST DO IT mentality. Often you will also be willing to take the extra mile which you can choose to do by:-

a. Setting your intentions from the start
b. Stopping the usual auto pilot way of doing things
c. Having a plan to suit your life and future
d. Getting time to be silent and think about what is important to you
e. Take the right choices because choices make you

In life, it is never too late to change and this is by learning from the past mistakes to make better decisions. The key is to ensure that you do not procrastinate. At the end of it all, remember, Finish strong intentionally, victory is seized and success is a choice.

The author, is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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