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Kenya has been affected negatively by climate change. According to OCHA reports, 600,000 Kenyans faced food insecurity in 2014, 1.2 million in 2015 and 2.7 million in 2017. As a nation, we can do the following to mitigate against the drought.

  1. The National Drought Management Authority should work closely with stakeholders to educate the population on climate change and the need to take care of the environment. The authority should also push for more funds from the National and county governments to implement long lasting solutions such as water harvesting, educating the pastoralists on de-stocking when early drought warnings are noted.
  2. Conservation efforts: Every Kenyan must take it upon themselves to take care of the water towers including Cherangani Hills, Aberdares, Mt.Elgon, Mt.Kenya and the Mau complex. All Kenyans must avoid farming near the rivers, or settling near water catchment areas and conserve the little water we have.
  3. Encourage modern farming: Modern farming methods such as greenhouse farming go a long way in enhancing food security. Proper storage of food, including hay for livestock, is also key.
  4. Encourage investors who want to establish fattening lots, holding yards for pastoralists.
  5. The government should work closely with the private sector to transfer the Kenyan North to be an agricultural hub.
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