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For the last 20 years, I have done mentorship to thousands of individuals across the globe. I have done inspiration talks in the USA, Europe, Africa, Dubai, South Africa, East Africa and parts of Asia.

My experience during these interactions with my fans is the rate of depression and stress that many undergo as they try to make a living in this competitive world. According to WHO, Depression will be the 2nd biggest disability in the World by the year 2020.

Personally, I suffered depression in 2008 when I lost 5 Million in one transaction. This activated me to share on what causes depression and how to deal with it. My article is based on how I did it and how it worked for me. Depression is a disease that robs you energy, focus, your potential; your ability to love, your sex drive and it has been killing 1 million people per year globally. Depression can cause brain damage.

Three common Causes of Depression

1. Situation: This could be sudden death of a person you love, loss of Money, lack of resources, fired from a job, comparing yourself with others, self-esteem, oppression and any situation that torments your mind and thoughts.

2. Thoughts: Encouraging thoughts of defeat, replaying negative thoughts in your mind, attention to stories of suffering, self-doubt that you do not matter.

3. Lifestyle: Depression is a disease of modern civilization. There is serious social deprivation today, no time for each other. Married couples meet less hours than yesteryears, children see their parents sparingly. People sleep for fewer hours – as I write this blog, it is 3 am and I should be asleep. There are reduced social activities and less physical activities. There is basically no time to enjoy sunlight. Life is a rollercoaster.

How to know that you have Depression

  • Consistent Lack of sleep or you sleep like a scared antelope
  • Mood swings: A small trigger finds you off the roof top with anger and fury
  • Suicidal thoughts: You keep thinking that no one cares, you do not matter and you are useless
  • Moments of feeling emptiness, no focus and no motivation in life
  • Depressing episodes: One time you are down and the next time you are on top and the graph keep oscillating

How to Cope with Depression

1. Physical exercise: When you exercise, you produce endorphins that make you happy and this reduces stress. Physical exercise has enormous benefits. I personally do 30 minutes brisk walk every day and this has done magic on my life.

2. Control your thoughts: Motivate yourself, pray every day, Meditate, love people, be in peace with yourself and family, attend motivating forums, Watch good inspirational videos such as George Wachiuri You Tube Videos, read inspiration books such us Soaring Like an Eagle by George Wachiuri. Join the right friends, ignore competition, learn to say no and just realize that it’s your life and you must plan for it. Read Philippians 4: 6 Do not be anxious about anything.

3. Manage your lifestyles: Eat well, sleep for a minimum of 7 hours, join social groups, have time to smile and lough. Just have fun. Take a day off, go for a walk, go for holiday and do not kill yourself at it. Avoid heavy debts and just live according to your means. Spend less that you earn and not vice versa. Just manage your precious life and whatever you do, DO NOT take away your life.

4. Manage situations: Look at every situation positively. Loss of a job means a better one coming, losing a loved one means we are on the same way to eternity, having no cash now is temporary, being sick today means you will be well soon. Remember the No 1 thing in life is To be at Peace, to be happy. So, just do not compare yourself with anyone. Your dark color is best in the world, your pimpled face is okay and thank God you have a face, your height is the best; your failure today is the story of tomorrow and just know that your situation is temporary.

Enjoy your life. We are all not permanent. Use your Today wisely.

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